On the following pages, the 13 works originally on show at the installation in Helsinki in August 2020 are presented. The impression, however, will be different as the size size is reduced and the presentation is not the same with light boxes and backlit projections. Instead, I have added to some photographs a discreet Ken Burns effect. Naturally, the photographs, their captions and the sound files are the same as during the installation.

The order of the work is also identical to that of the installation. Thus, thematically the first four pieces of work deal with structural and ecological violence, while the subsequent work is related to physical violence.

Instructions for viewing the work (optimised for desktop):

Each work is presented on a separate page. The photograph is followed by a text in English, Finnish and Swedish. By hovering over the image a thematic title is presented. You can either read the caption beforehand or jump into the audiographic image without the guiding contextual information.

Click on the photograph to enter the audiographic viewing mode. The audio track starts automatically. Each track is 20–30 seconds long. In case you would like to pause the audio click anywhere on the screen, and to resume it click a second time. If you would like to listen to the track again, press the arrow in the bottom left corner.

Full screen mode is recommended: click the icon in the lower right corner: Exit full screen by clicking the icon again or pressing esc on your keyboard.

Exit the audiographic viewing mode by pressing the 🆇 in the top right corner. Move to the next work.

At the end of 13 works there is a guestbook that allows for comments, too. I appreciate your thoughts.

Final hint: use headphones, which provide for a more immersive experience than just the device loudspeaker.